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Who We Are

In 2013, Devon Lang and Colleen McGrath travelled to Zimbabwe for what was meant to be a short-term missions experience.  Once they encountered a group of young homeless boys everything changed.  They ended up staying in Bulawayo since that time seeking to help these boys in any way they could, but always being drawn back to the gospel - that only Jesus can save a life and only Jesus can draw individuals to Himself.  


Since 2013, God has drawn other members to our team, both locals and internationals to come alongside these boys to show them greater glimpses of God's love for them.   

Devon Lang- Miller


Devon originally had a heart for missions in Egypt, but through a series of events God kept revealing to Devon that He had different plans for her.  Since coming to know the Lord, however, she has always had a heart for the homeless, often spending her weekends with ministry outreach programs in downtown Orlando.  She graduated from UCF in Social Work and moved to Zimbabwe immediately after graduation. She met her husband, Jacob, years later in Bulawayo.  

Colleen McGrath

Colleen was first moved with a heart for missions after graduating high school and traveling to Swaziland.  For years afterward she based every decision off of getting back to Africa.  God showed her, however, how Africa had become the focal point, and not Him.  He had many lessons for her to first learn in America.  It wasn't until she was studying for her Master’s degree that she met Devon, and they began seeking God’s will for their lives and not their own plans.  His will would be intertwined as they moved to Zimbabwe together a few years later.  Colleen also met her husband, Brad, in Zimbabwe, a local who first came to volunteer with the ministry.  


Obedience Chinembiri

Obedience was born in Zimbabwe, but by the time he was a teenager, both his parents had passed away.  Obedience ended up in Bulawayo, where he met Devon, Colleen and Bheki.  He quickly grew and matured in the Lord, becoming baptized and expressing his desire to be an evangelist.  He attends pastoral training seminars, is studying to finish his education, and has become a valuable member of the team, managing the day-to-day tasks of the drop-in center for the boys.  


Bhekizulu was born and raised in Zimbabwe and grew up as a pastor’s kid, however, he knew that there had to be more to God than just the stories he heard and the rules that were handed out to him.  He dove into a deeper relationship and understanding of the Lord as a young man, giving God everything, including quitting his job when he heard God’s calling into ministry.  After some time he was introduced to Colleen and Devon and began praying alongside them on a weekly basis.  He originally started as Devon and Colleen's language tutor (even though they weren't the greatest students).  He then transitioned into helping tutor some of the boys they were ministering to, and now is a leading member of the team, overseeing all the physical and spiritual operations on the ground.  He is married with two children.  Click HERE to read a Message from Bheki.


Jacob Miller


Jacob was raised in a Christian home in Tennessee, but fell away from his walk with the Lord as a teenager.  He became involved with substance abuse and criminal activities.  The Lord radically changed his life in an instant one evening and has since then been redeeming his fallen moments, allowing Jacob to connect and minister to young men finding themselves in similar situations as he once was.  God directed him to join the World Race in 2017, where he travelled through Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. It is through connections that he made at that time that led him back to work with Because He Loves and shortly after married Devon. They have one cat, Muffin.

Brad Williams


Brad was born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.  He grew up in the church, but saw it as hypocritical and walked away for a few years.  God got his attention and brought him back into a meaningful relationship.  As all his peers left Zimbabwe for education and work opportunities elsewhere in the world, Brad felt the Lord calling him to stay, but not revealing the reason.  One afternoon a friend encouraged him to come and see the ministry with the homeless boys and men within the city.  He was overwhelmed that he had not seen these boys and had walked past them for so many years.  God instantly revealed to him that this would be a part of what God was calling him to.  He has been a constant volunteer, preaching the Word, and walking alongside many of the boys in discipleship.  He also married Colleen and they have one puppy named Ralph.

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